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Royds Hall 25/08/00

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Bream 1.jpg (145563 bytes)Bream 1: This is me and a Bream that I caught, it isn't that big though.


Bream 2.jpg (144796 bytes) Bream 2: This is that same Bream, only in this picture you get a bit of my face on it!


Dad's Bream.jpg (144382 bytes) Dad's Bream: This is Dad's "nicely" sized Bream, bigger than mine anyway!


Fish Out.jpg (142872 bytes) Fish Out: This is me taking my fish out of my landing net at the end of the day.


Net.jpg (142965 bytes) Net: This is me pulling my landing net out of the Lake!



Reeling In.jpg (141162 bytes) Reeling: This is me reeling in my last cast of the day!!!!!