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Carlton 10/08/00

Up Calder 09/01/00 Carlton 10/08/00 Calder 16/07/00 Pilton 16/06/00 Royds Hall 25/08/00


Carp 1.5lb.jpg (62939 bytes) Carp 1.5lb: This is my first Catch of the day (except for little bits) a nice and juicy Mirror Carp. 


Carp 6oz.jpg (61690 bytes) Carp 6oz: This is my 2nd and last catch of the day another mirror carp. It looked a lot bigger in real life, believe me.

Casting.jpg (60782 bytes) Casting: Dad copped me pulling a silly face whilst I cast. Don't know why I pull it though.


Dads_Carp_2.jpg (50661 bytes) Dad's Carp: This is dad's 2.5lb carp. Is it a beast or what? Look at the size of the gob!!

Dad's Carp 3.jpg (60553 bytes) Dad's Carp 2: Yet another Carp.



Dad's Carp.jpg (60171 bytes) Dad's Carp 3: Humphrey has caught another Carp, how much more?


General 2.jpg (58893 bytes) General Fishing: Me, general fishing. If you can't see, click to enlarge.


General.jpg (61478 bytes) General 2: Once again general fishing.



Playing.jpg (63789 bytes)Playing: This is me playing in a Carp!!