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Calder 16/07/00

Up Calder 09/01/00 Carlton 10/08/00 Calder 16/07/00 Pilton 16/06/00 Royds Hall 25/08/00

another trout.jpg (61835 bytes)   Trout: This is me disgorging a trout it is very hard to see it but the trout is in my hand genfish.jpg (63958 bytes)


  General Fishing: This is me just fishing I've got my rod in my hand and I'm waiting for a bite

baiting hook.jpg (64866 bytes) Baiting Hook: This is me popping some maggots on my hook. i need two hands for this.jpg (63895 bytes) Another Trout: This is me again copped another slimy trout, by now my trousers are caked with fish slime.
bloody hook.jpg (63042 bytes)   Bloody Hook: The hook won't come out so I have to shove my disgorger right down the fishes neck. I hate doing it but I have to. just cast.jpg (63671 bytes)

Just Cast: This is me again and I've just cast.


my first trout.jpg (63750 bytes) Another bloody trout!!: I have got another trout, this one is a lot better though, It's got more speckles and it's a bit bigger. slipery customer.jpg (61071 bytes)   Slippery customer: I had to keep my eye on this beast, I dropped it plenty of times so I had to keep washing it in the water!!
trout.jpg (59676 bytes) Trout: This is a close up on one of my trout, I don't know why but it's pulling a silly face at me!! uncle mick.jpg (60234 bytes)

   Uncle Mick: This is Uncle Mick, I don't know what he's doing but he's pulling a worse face than the trout is!!

uncle micks perch.jpg (65117 bytes)   Uncle Mick's Perch: This is Uncle Mick's perch, the only perch any of us two caught that day!!! unhook.jpg (64914 bytes) Un-Hook: Here I am  once again with my disgorger in the fishes mouth, it does my head in having to do that!!

**The text to go with these pictures was written by Christopher Weaver, in the picture, and the pictures were taken by Peter Weaver! Click on the pictures to enlarge them**