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Simpson's Gifs

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Bart Tongue: This is bart sticking his tongue out at you, yes YOU!



Bart Skateboard: This is Bart having a bez on his skateboard


Eye Roller: This is Homer rolling his eyes. At Bart probably.


Greedy Girl: This is Homer being a greedy girl eating this sandwich so quick. He'll get the Hiccups.


Doh!: This is homer having a Benny




Chill With the Beer: This is Homer chilling with a nice can of beer. I don't know what brand of beer it is, probably Netto home brand.  


Lisa Sax: This is Lisa and her trusty sax



Lisa is it!!: This is Lisa thinking she is it, yes IT. But is she. Think so? Tell me if so E-mail me!




Lisa: This is Lisa giving her trusty saxophone a blow, she sounds pretty good.



Swat: This is Lisa being a swat reading a dodgy book called Yes. Ever heard of it?



Maggie: This is Maggie being a little crawler, well what else is she to do. She's a bairn-faced wonder!



Maggie 2: This one's here to prove my point.





Marge & Maggie: these two are having a nice cheap shop at Netto. (If you did not know Netto is Scandinavian for  value.






Homo -Sorry Homer: This is Homer, pop this beast on top of an e-mail. It looks pretty good.


Bum: This is Bart Mooning us all!!