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Only Chris Snaps

Up Charlie Phone William Only Chris Snaps

Me 2.jpg (68077 bytes) This is me just after I had all my hair shaved off. I don't know why I'm pulling the daft face!!!!!!!



Me 4.jpg (138492 bytes) This is me a few weeks after I had my head shaved, I'd just come home from school.


Me_3.jpg (29158 bytes) Here's me in my school uniform. I came straight home from school and had my hair cut this is the hair cut before I had it all whipped off (it's miles better!!)



Me 5.jpg (144941 bytes) This is me donkeys ago, early January 2000 easy. Look the box for the computer is still in the background. 


Me 6.jpg (126031 bytes)  

This is me about a month ago. I'm just being a pratt, posing for a picture!!


Me Galore.jpg (196634 bytes) This is someone's body, and there's my head on the top of it!!!! And who's that geek popping his head around the corner??!*+**!?!!



Charlie in Uniform.jpg (130988 bytes) This is Charlie O'Neil. Do you know here? She's a bird out of the Max Power Magazine (get pictures from


Up Charlie Phone William Only Chris Snaps